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Welcome to my website!

I am a Mumbai-based independent Photographer since 2009.


After graduating from Mumbai’s Sir J.J. School of Applied Art in 1994 with majors in Photography, I started my career with an Advertising Agency as a Visual Artist. Sensing the paradigm shift within the creative field, I moved into Graphic Design in late 1995.


With 15+ years of experience in Digital & Print media and various multinational companies, I got enriched with new technology learnings and its application in various communication trends. As a Visual Designer, during this tenure, my Photographic skills rendered me opportunities to work on various premium projects domestically as well as overseas.


Photography has always been my passion and even while working in various corporate organisations, my photographic endeavours always occupied my weekends. For years I travelled and explored places and with an extensive collection of visual treasure and experience, it was in 2009 I moved into full-time photography and since then there has been no look back.


My work encompasses a variety of disciplines that include Architecture, Corporate, Food & Lifestyle, Cultures & Traditions, People & their stories and anything and everything that requires aesthetic documentation and visual interpretation.


Apart from photography, documenting tangible and intangible heritage is something I am passionate about. This triggered me to acquire more knowledge by taking a Post Graduate Diploma course in Museology. 


I also enjoy pen & ink drawing, reading, collecting world music and amassing scaled-down replicas of vintage vehicles.


Thanks for stopping by.

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